Technical Services

As Despel, we aim to minimize technical problems that may occur with planned maintenance, increase device efficiency and prevent the occurrence of factors that increase costs. Maintenance is the regular and planned work done to ensure that the machinery and facilities can work for a longer period of time without any malfunctions and problems, and to avoid unexpected breakdowns and accidents. Repair, on the other hand, is the elimination of the determined malfunctions or the replacement of some elements of the machines as a result of certain intervals, in other words, making the machine work again. It provides regular maintenance continuity, especially in systems that need uninterrupted operation, increases the life of the facility and reduces investment costs. Thus, it is ensured that the system is used with the longest life, if possible, without any malfunctions and at the least cost.

  • Carbon Filter Change

  • UVC Filter Change and Repair

  • Fan-Motor Maintenance and Repair

  • Assembly/Disassembly Service

  • Frequency Inverter Replacement and Repair

  • Changing Various Filters

Electrostatic Precipitator Cell Cleaning

Get your electrostatic precipitator cells thoroughly cleaned through Despel’s exclusive ESP washing process

We come to your business, collect the dirty electrostatic precipitator cells, and evaluate the contaminant load. For heavy loads, we presoak the ESP cells in a hot detergent solution to help loosen the contaminants. Next, we load the ESP cells into our specialized, enclosed parts washer running at 150 PSI and 150 degrees, and finally rinse them off using a pressure washer using 150-degree hot water.

The final step in the process is that we test them for operation and replace internal components if necessary.

Supply of Consumables

It is used for materials intended for use, to use with the product that emerges in the enterprises serving in the field of production. In ecology units, consumables; Since time breaks down in case of malfunction (fan, motor, electronic card, etc.), it is necessary to use certain periods of time out, UVC lamp, etc.).

As Despel, we supply and supply consumables within the scope of post-production support for ecology units. We supply material for product warranty period and maintenance support.
The consumables we supply;

Carbon Filter
Electrostatic Filter and Electronic Card
UVC Filter
hepa filter
Bag Filter
Metal Filter
G4 Filter
Frequency Inverter
Panel and Automation Equipment

Information Support

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