Mart 30, 2022

Why Ecology Units?

Today, with the increase in environmental problems, serious restrictions have been brought about the discharge of industrial wastes to the environment and especially the emission of flue gas and kitchen exhaust systems to the atmosphere. Some particles and volatile organic compounds released from kitchen exhaust systems create pollution. For this reason, the emission of odorous gases into the atmosphere is prohibited with the regulations published by the “Ministry of Environment” in many countries. In addition, the accumulation of substances such as oil, soot and soot in the exhaust duct equipment during cooking increases the risk of fire in the future. In addition to the risk of fire, the accumulation of these substances in the ducts causes clogging of the suction fans and filters, quickly contaminating the ducts and increasing the operating costs.

Ecology units, in order to prevent all these problems, before expelling the oily and dirty kitchen air used in kitchen exhaust systems; These are ventilation devices designed for cleaning with the help of metal filters, electrostatic filters, active carbon filters, uvc ozone and similar filters.

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