Since 2010 Despel is a brand leader exclusively in air filtration field for civil and industrial applications. The design, the manufacturing, the assembly and the erection of products undergo a Quality Assurance program in compliance with standards.

Production has qualified personnel and modern numeric control machineries for steel carpentry and it is equipped with a filter test rig as well as instruments for test.

Our sales organization, partly operating in İstanbul (Türkiye), is formed by experienced sales engineers able to acknowledge and satisfy the requirements in different fields.

Our company does not prefere individual market or customer, but year after year we are able to strengthen our relationship with old customers and enter new industrial fields. For further details we can let you have the specific leaflet of the products you are interested in.

We are pioneers. We’ve led the way in air quality innovation for the built environment for over 12 years. We’re renowned for radically improving the quality of people’s lives by delivering clean air everywhere.

despel is a brand of  Morzon Co.

Everything that you need, we will provide

To maintain a consistent approach to customer care, we commit to our customer promise in all aspects of our day to day roles.

We promise to:

  • Provide a service which is friendly, helpful and responsive to your needs
  • Create a pleasant and welcoming environment
  • Keep you informed with the most relevant and up-to-date information
  • Drop you a line from time to time to help us improve our service
  • Build strong relationships with you
  • Do everything we can to ensure a reliable service
  • Always go that extra mile for you

‘Our customers’ needs form an integral part of our core values. This is reflected in our renewed focus internally and the creation of a dedicated customer service team. As a business, we celebrate and recognise the importance of great service each and every day.

Your benefits :

Flexible configuration from a wide variety of components.
This saves time and costs and simplifies maintenance and operations.
Expert advice: : Our experienced employees deal precisely with the specific requirements of the industry. In most cases, there is not just one fan that is also the best fan. In the context of a wide range, we develop the optimal solution together with you.

Our ecology units deliver the best filtering efficiencies and lowest energy consumption worldwide. This means: best cost/benefit ratio throughout the life cycle.

Our teams are highly trained to provide you with unrivalled design, application and maintenance advice. We will make it easy for you to contact us; we are available from 9.00 am-6.00 pm and you can reach us by email, telephone .
You will always talk to a real person.